Hello! I'm Stephanie Brocious, a graphic designer, illustrator, and artist living in the shadow of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

My passion for creating clear and harmonious design has aided me for over 8 years in the industry, allowing me to work with many different clients and agencies to elevate their brands. I have experience in many areas of design, including print design, illustration, lettering, websites, applications, and branding.

Ever since I was a small child I have loved to create. Every summer I would shut myself in my room with a sketchbook and whatever art supplies I could cajole out of my parents. In high school I took every art class I could, and was known for my constant doodling. When I went to college, I started out in a pre-med track because I thought that was the thing you were 'supposed to do'. After 2 years, I decided a medical profession was not for me, and I jumped ship to art - and never looked back. Design is the perfect marriage between my analytical side and my love of creating.

In my spare time you can find me baking some delicious treats, spending time with my family, reading a book, or painting along with music/podcasts/audiobooks. 

If you are interested in working together - or just want to say hi, please contact me using the form below or email me at stephaniebrocious@gmail.com.


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